down by the river style shoot

Good Look’n summer style shoot – S N E A K  P E E K!

Thanks to an awesome team of talented contributors, we put this little shoot together with hopes that it would inspire you to create your own beautiful moments with the one you love.

Inspired by a lazy afternoon spent perched along a peaceful river bank. We wanted to tell the story of two young lovers coming together, taking hands and joining hearts for a private elopement, down by the river side.


Pace.DMcGee_17DBTR-2 half D. and half JPace.DMcGee_42Pace.DMcGee_38Pace.DMcGee_8 Pace.DMcGee_100Pace.DMcGee_129*Contributors: Photography by Sheryl Pace, Wardrobe styling by Kristy Downer , Makeup by Storme Lewis, Flowers & Props by Good Look’n. Models are my lovely friends Johnny and Diana!

Check out our WEBSITE for the full gallery!


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