our new bar!

Meet the newest member of Good Lookn’s furnishings collection. She’s one of a kind, tall and sturdy with a soft satin finish. Custom built by Josh Falk of Studio Fresh, this 7′ long custom bar is ready to serve!

One of the very best things about my job is the opportunity it allows for working with other creative professionals. My creative collabo with Josh is the perfect example. Josh, if you haven’t met him, is one of the most generous and hospitable people I know. In addition to being a jack-of-all trades Josh is a talented mixed media artist.

As an extended member of the Good Look’n team Josh has contributed on a number of custom fabrications. On this piece, he used a variety of wood species from a collection of found and discarded planks. The smaller pieces were cut into strips which he then built up against a larger refurbished wood plank using a series of biscuit joints and a process known as lamination (gluing). The entire 7′ X 28″ top was then sent through a large machine called a drum sander. Finally a thick coating of water based lacquer was applied to seal and protect the natural wood. The result is a very lovely variation of color and texture that gives this piece it’s eclectic style and beauty.

Check out these images from his process!

bar top 1This is the well organized wood shop at Studio Fresh, Boston

bar 1That’s Josh, sanding away on our boxy style leg supports

photo bar 3AThat big guy on the left is the drum sander, thanks to her our bar top is sleek and smooth!

bar 5 bar 4bar-in-use

For other works by Josh Falk & Friends of Studio Fresh, please visit here. Contact us here with special request for custom furnishings and rental items, I’d be happy to show you what we have!


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