soft & peachy woodland themed wedding

You might remember our post (way back when) introducing Good Look’n couple, Jenny & JR (click here). This project has finally come full circle and I am so happy to share with you this sneak peek from Jenny and JR’s woodland themed wedding!

Warm woodsy tones are accented with soft floral hues of pink and yellow mixed with textural elements of fern, moss and touches of gold. The Good Look’n team produced a number of custom items for this project including the folding wall seating chart, gift table backdrop, signage and our brand new bar! In collaboration with artist Kelly Mitchell Gazdowicz of Burrowing Home we also produced a series of illustrations for our seating chart, table numbers, and coordinating temporary tattoo favors.

photo J&JR-FALK-1J&JR-FALK-2J&JR-FALK-3J&JR-FALK-4J&JR-FALK-5J&JR-FALK-5AJ&JR-FALK-6J&JR-FALK-7J&JR-FALK-9J&JR-FALK-11 J&JR-FALK-10J&JR-FALK-11AJ&JR-FALK-13J&JR-FALK-15J&JR-FALK-16J&JR-FALK-17*Overall design, props, accessories, special furnishings and styling by Good Look’n*

Venue: Essex Conference Center and Retreat Essex, MA

Floral Design: Laura Jean Floral & Design (website here)

Photography Credit: Josh Falk (website here)


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