new digs!

We out here Atlanta! Come check us out at our new studio in West Midtown. Nala can’t wait to lick your face.

nala bear

GL studio 1GL studio 4


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  1. Danielle Hogan

    Saw the shoot on Apartment Therapy & fell head over heels in love with your style! That made me go to your website & check out your company & oh how I wish I were having some event for you to do for me…..maybe when my hubs & I have our 30th anniversary (we were married VERY young). We have been talking about a vow renewal around then anyway. Only thing is….we’d have to come to Georgia to have you do it!! My dad’s whole family is from Macon, so perhaps that could be in the cards. If not, you still have my warmest wishes for much future success…….gotta give props to my fellow namesake “Danielle” (lol)! Thanks for the beauty that you bring into this sometimes very ugly world. It is a true breath of fresh air.

    Danielle H.
    San Antonio,Tx.

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